Friday, 22 March 2013

On the Needles

The Freja mittens:

Here you see the charted pattern, and the fleece I spun for these mittens. It will be spun up for the second ball of natural. I used Landscape Dyes "Wild Raspberry" plus a bit of this, a bit of that to dye the other skein of natural. The knitting is progressing quite happily.

Sorry about the laundry basket in the photo. Mz Roo is sleeping in it, and I couldn't possibly move her, could I ;-)   (The best light on a grey wet day is directly under my chandelier.)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Now, Its a Kitty Hammock!

Chatting one day with someone we talked about how pets like to be in the middle of whatever we're doing ;-) I should have seen this coming..

Progress in the rug, as of today - now I'm thinking about how I'm going to do the starfish, and the beginning of the waves, the mermaid's tail, and working more medium brown sandy shades in the border background
This rug will have lots of texture as I am using upcycled wool strips and different types of handspun wool and novelty millspun yarns. Went looking for a medium blue wool skirt or pants to work into the water today but came home empty handed. :( Have to go for a doctor's appointment in Moncton this week, so perhaps I'll try the Frenchy's there then - maybe even peep into Fabricville's cheapie section and see if I can come up with  some sparkly blue shiny mystery fabric ;-)