Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Holidays!

In the old days, there was no spinning done at all during Christmas/Yule
All 12 days of it!

This is a re-post from my old blog, the story is cute, so I'll share it again :)

Keepin the ' Oul' Christmas'

Well then, there was the man and his wife who had a quarrel one-time about keepin' the Christmas. The wife said the oul' Christmas was the right day, and the man said it was the new Christmas; so to show that he was master of the house, the man dressed himself and went to church that day; telling Aggie to 'ave ' broish phidher' (pease porridge) ready for him when he got home.

Now she was determined to keep the oul' Christmas, and so she went and got her queeyl (spinning-wheel) out, (for there was work still to be done)-- now, accordin' to the tradition, that was the greatest indignity she could put on the day, for the queeyl is always put away at Christmas time..

Well, Lar' T'underin, all he found on the stove, when he came back from de service, was a bit o' herrin and some priddas.
He found the wife, sittin at her spinnin -- just showin, that if he was master, then SHE was Mistress ;-)

I look forward to Twelfth Night..... that's the day I can get back at my spinnin' ---

 That is s'posin' my back is up for it. Some of you may know I hurt myself in late September, and found out that I'm no longer invincible afterall, and i twisted and curved my spine in somewhat of a corkscrew twist to the right, hauling in wood on a cart which was over-estimatingly loaded ;-)

I limped my way through the Nova Scotia Fiber Festival, Art Across the Marsh and A Handmade Assembly in October, then through 2 Midnight Madness Events in Sackville before I finally caved and cried UNCLE and landed in the Sackville Hospital due to extreme pain.

So if you've been wondering WHY my production has been down, and there's not many listings on the Etsy site, let alone posts on this page, now you know .

Hope everyone's having a marvellous Yule/Solstice/Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza - whatever you celebrate, may you have peace, love, and happiness at 
this special time of the year.

See you in the New Year at Sackville Farmers Market!