Saturday, 5 April 2014

Uh-oh, something broke on my wheel! aka "Houston, we have a problem.."

Thursday evening i was spinning up some lovely brown Jacob fleece, when all of a sudden *snap! there goes the connection between the treadle and the footman on my usual workhorse wheel, my Louet S90

So I ended up having to finish plying this very fine laceweight yarn on the Louet S15, which...toook....foreverrrrrr with its 1:5 ratio between the drive wheel and the bobbin wheel

This afternoon i found the time to do a repair job with some chunky hemp jewellery cord, and she's now good to go.

 The poor s90 has been through a lot, i don't dare fold her anymore, and i must tell you, i keep a socket wrench attached to her at all times, cause i never know when the mother-of-all is going to suddenly droop like a wilted violet ;-) She came to me second-hand, like most of my things, and was very well loved before by a lady who lived down the road from me and kept Shetland sheep :)

This would be the shawl the yarn is going into; i'm now on row 80 out of 170 rows, plus a 15 row edging, all handspun Jacob of varying shades

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